Brand: Vibes Papers

1.25″ Rice Papers

50x 1.25″ Vibes Rolling Papers
Natural Paper
Cultivated and Crafted in France
Cut and Kitted in the Dominican Republic
Slow & Even Burning
Standard 1.25” Length

Bay Area rap legend, Berner, continues to grow his empire with Vibes™ Rolling Papers. These papers feature natural hemp or rice that delivers ample and consistent smoke. Cultivated and crafted in France, Vibes Rolling Papers are ultra thin and burn slowly for an elevated flavor experience. A thinner paper means your dry herb’s natural flavor can shine, as it won’t be affected by too much “paper smoke”. These are the standard 1.25” length papers capable of fitting around a half gram of dry herb.

About the brand :
Vibes Papers

Vibes Fine Rolling Papers were created for the ultimate smoking experience. Vibes premium papers are cultivated in France, then cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic to ensure each rolling paper or cone delivers consistent flavor with a slow burn. Their papers and cones come in natural hemp, rice, or ultra-thin options.

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