Brand: Heavy Hitters

Auto-Start Battery – Chrome

The Ultimate Auto-Start Battery.
The best Heavy Hitters vaping experience, in a quick and easy package. The Heavy Hitters Auto-Start Battery is a convenient, fire-and-forget companion for your favorite Heavy Hitters 510 thread cartridges.

Easy To Use | 5-Second Time Out | For Use With Bottom Airflow 510 Thread Cartridges

Pro Tips:
LED on battery will flash if battery level is too low for operation
Store battery in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight
Battery will automatically time out after five seconds of vaporization

Compatible with all 510 thread cartridges, USB charger included

How To Use:

To charge, twist the threaded end of the battery into charging port on the charger.Plug the USB end of the charger into a compatible power source.The indicator light will illuminate red during charging and green when a full charge is complete.To use the battery, twist off the battery from the charger and twist on your favorite Heavy Hitters 510 cartridge and enjoy.

About the brand :
Heavy Hitters

Ultra Pure & Ultra Potent

Founded in 1996. Family-owned and operated. Heavy Hitters remains driven by a relentless pursuit of crafting the perfect high. No shortcuts, no substitutes, no compromises.

With a legacy of delivering purity & potency that spans almost three decades, Heavy Hitters vapes rank among the bestselling premium cannabis products of all time. With more than 10 million units sold, each Heavy Hitters product showcases our dedication to using only top-tier input materials, unrivaled craftsmanship, and innovative production techniques resulting in a best-in-class cannabis experience for our customers.

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