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Chris Wilson Collection Rolling Papers

Make your sesh more meaningful with art that will uplift you—right on your rolling papers. That’s what our artist series rolling papers are all about.
The long-awaited second edition is deeply meaningful. House of Puss teamed up with artist and social justice warrior, Chris Wilson, to wrap these beautiful papers in the image of his original painting, Positive Delusions. This work of art is a visual diary of the positive thinking that got Chris through the torture of solitary confinement.
A portion of the proceeds from each pack goes directly to the artist. Plus, with this collab, you’ll also support Solitary Watch, a nonprofit working to fully inform policymakers and the public about the harms of solitary confinement.
So you’re not just getting a work of art. With every pack you buy, you’re also supporting the artist and the fight for justice for all Americans.
These premium hemp rolling papers and slow-burning tips are unbleached and completely natural.
King size papers sold in packs of 2.
More about the artist:
Chris Wilson’s story reads like a cautionary Hollywood script about the Black experience in America. Poverty, drug addiction, and gun violence were his childhood norms. At the age of 17, he was charged with a crime, convicted, and sentenced to his natural life in prison. In the 16 years of his incarceration, Chris had to develop a Master Plan to convince a judge that he was worthy of a second chance. Against all odds, his plan worked. He’s now free, an immensely successful author, social justice warrior, and a visual artist. He painted Positive Delusions to bring awareness to the harms of solitary confinement. Stay tuned for the painting’s upcoming exhibition at one of the foremost US museums.
Material | Unbleached hemp, 33 leaves per booklet with thin, slow-burning tips.
For tobacco use only.

About the brand :
House Of Puff

House of Puff is on a mission to change the way we think about cannabis consumption. They use the power of art to make it feel chic and effortless. By collaborating with women and BIPOC artists, they infuse their products with a high-culture aesthetic. They also create inclusive educational content that focuses on cannabis, art, and social justice. As a women-owned and Latina-led company, they’re committed to promoting inclusivity and breaking down the stigmas surrounding cannabis.

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