Brand: Dank

Dank | Boss Drank | 3.5g


Boss Drank is a remarkable hybrid strain resulting from the combination of E85 and Collins Ave. Collins Ave is renowned for its fragrance reminiscent of tangy cream, similar to Greek yogurt, while its flavor embodies a delightful blend of citrusy sweetness and vanilla cream. On the other hand, E85 is a well-loved hybrid strain that captivates users with its dessert-like aroma and a taste that exudes a harmonious fusion of sweet creaminess and candy-like notes with a hint of gas. The fusion of these two distinct strains gives rise to Boss Drank, characterized by a captivating aroma of sweet creamy gas, and a smooth smoking experience that unveils a pleasant combination of sweet citrus, candy, and cream flavors.


RelaxedHappyCalmEnergeticClear Mind

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