Brand: Eureka

Eureka | Mimosa Vape Pen | 0.5g


“The CLASSIC Mimosa disposable
brings you our pure & potent
distillate in a convenient,
rechargeable vape.
Mimosa produces happy, levelheaded
effects that will leave you
feeling uplifted and motivated
enough to take on any mundane
task. This strain has a strong aroma
and flavor that reminds you of it’s
namesake, with notes of fruit and
citrus flavors bursting through.
Our cannabis oil is 100% natural,
pesticide-free, solvent-free, and
never cut or altered with MCT, PG,
VG or Vitamin E Acetate.”



About the brand :

As pioneers in the vape industry, Eureka was one of the originators of modern CO2 extraction. They set the gold standard in award-winning cannabis oil.
They combined their passion for the craft with their state of the art proprietary process, to create high-end cannabis products at low prices. They believe in people over profit — and to prove it, their price point reflects their values. As a family-owned and operated business for nearly a decade, they treat their patients like family — providing access to clean, safe, all-natural medicine that you can trust. They have used the same master extraction artists since day one, guaranteeing the utmost flavor, potency, and purity in every drop.

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