Brand: Florette

Florette | Flight Bag 4g Assorted Strains LIMITED EDITION

HybridTHC:19.86% – 23.41%

What can I say…4 great strains in four 1g bags in one place

1.) HYBRID 19.86%

Black Maple. Its unique blend of Sherb and gas terpenes finished with a hint of cheesy funk sets you apart inviting only the truly discerning to a journey of unparalleled sophistication.

2.) HYBRID 23.41%

Tahoe OG. Its earthy tones and lemon zest aroma provide a sanctuary for those seeking a peaceful retreat from the bustling world embodying the essence of tranquil escapes.

3.) INDICA 20.52%

Rainbow Breath. This strain meticulously cultivated in our artisan gardens offers a symphony of earthy undertones and bright fruity accents. Ideal for moments of creative inspiration or tranquil reflection Rainbow Breath is your gateway to a sublime journey.

4.) INDICA-HYBRID 23.08%

Baby Yoda (Pave). A sophisticated blend that harmonizes fresh berries with a hint of citrus and deep diesel notes Pave is tailored for occasions that demand elegance from refined gatherings to serene personal moments.

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