Brand: Vibes Papers

King Size Rice Cones

3x King Sized Vibes Cones
Available in Rice, Hemp, or Ultra Thin
Reduced Paper Smoke
Slow & Even Burning

Elevate your dry herb sessions with the Vibes Cones – King Size. Choose from either Rice, Hemp, or Ultra Thin cones to deliver clean tasting, even burning dry herb enjoyment. These are King Sized cones, able to fit around 1 gram of dry herb, fantastic for groups of 3-5 people.

About the brand :
Vibes Papers

Vibes Fine Rolling Papers were created for the ultimate smoking experience. Vibes premium papers are cultivated in France, then cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic to ensure each rolling paper or cone delivers consistent flavor with a slow burn. Their papers and cones come in natural hemp, rice, or ultra-thin options.

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