Brand: House Of Puff

L’Aperitif Pre-Rolled Cones

Inspired by the tradition of the apéritif, enjoy a petite puff anytime with these mini pre-rolled cones. Skip rolling by hand and pack a 1 1/4″ (84mm) long, half-gram cone with your mix of choice. 
Each box comes with 6 individual pre-rolled cones made from 100% organic hemp paper. These pre-rolled cones are unbleached, slow-burning, and sealed with Arabic gum.
Material | Unbleached, organic hemp paper
For tobacco use only.

About the brand :
House Of Puff

House of Puff is on a mission to change the way we think about cannabis consumption. They use the power of art to make it feel chic and effortless. By collaborating with women and BIPOC artists, they infuse their products with a high-culture aesthetic. They also create inclusive educational content that focuses on cannabis, art, and social justice. As a women-owned and Latina-led company, they’re committed to promoting inclusivity and breaking down the stigmas surrounding cannabis.

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