Brand: LIVE

LIVE | Peanut Butter Bomb


Peanut Butter Bomb, a standout cannabis strain, is celebrated for its unmistakable peanut butter aroma and flavor, thanks to its dense, resin-coated buds that are a testament to its potency and rich terpene profile. The strain’s buds, marked by shades of earthy brown and green, mirror the creamy and nutty essence it’s named after. It features dense, resinous buds that enhance its potent effects and complex terpene profile. Our specialized curing process, focused on slow and controlled drying, preserves and amplifies the strain’s terpenes and cannabinoids. This method ensures a more intense flavor, aroma, and therapeutic benefits, making Peanut Butter Bomb a top choice for those seeking a comforting and immersive cannabis experience with a distinctive taste.



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