Brand: matter.

matter. | Original Mandarin Cookies


Mandarin Cookies combines the potent and tasty forces of Girl Scout Cookies with Mandarin Sunset to create a relaxing, classic hybrid buzz. With buds pumping out strong sour, earthy aromas and high concentrations of the terpene myrcene, Mandarin Cookies is a relaxing strain great for the end of the day when you want to relax without being completely stuck to the couch. Lineage: Girl Scout Cookies crossed with Mandarin Sunset



About the brand :

Make every moment matter.

A complete line of cannabis products helping people add a little extra to the everyday and make every moment matter. Known for high-quality and consistent cannabis products, matter. Is grown by expert cultivators in our state-of-the-art grow facilities. Originating in Illinois, matter’s fame has spread to Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Michigan and Colorado. Offering a wide assortment of products, there is sure to be something for everyone.

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