Brand: matter.

matter | Philosopher’s Peak Infused Cone


Philosophers Peak is a combination of The Mountain and Colin OG.

The Mountain is a cross between White ‘99—the sugar-coated euphoric strain by Krome—and Ethos Genetics’ heavy-hitting Quattro Kush. The cross produces a wide terpene profile offering an array of flavors from sweet and creamy to spicy and piney. A gorgeous plant with big yields, The Mountain provides powerful effects that will help you slow down after a long day.

Colin OG is a cross of Grateful Dawg x The White x (Sour Diesel x Flo). It produces large spongy flowers that take on a dark hue, letting the trichomes stand out. A pungent diesel smell mixes with floral and citrus notes, creating a unique flavor profile. With strong parent genetics, Colin OG offers potent effects that will brighten your day at the risk of forgetting what was on your to-do list.



About the brand :

Matter Medical Cannabis (All States – OH)
Grown to relieve. Grown to restore. Grown to matter.

Our Matter brand strives to offer effective and reliable relief to patients. Our growers and pharmaceutical specialists understand how important this is to those coping with symptoms and side effects that aren’t benefiting from other treatments. Collectively, and with a holistic approach, we do everything we can to ensure Matter is a viable option for well-being.

Matter cannabis is grown in greenhouses under a combination of both sunlight and artificial light for a full-spectrum effect; growing our plants this way is the best way to ensure they produce higher levels of the active agents that power their medicinal properties.

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