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matter | Strange Memories Cone


Strange Memories is a combination of Stranger Face and Memory Loss OG.

Stranger Face is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by breeding the well-known Face Off OG with Red Headed Stranger medical cannabis strains. This classic cultivar begins with a crisp and skunky sweetness that becomes more diesel-like and earthy with each exhale.

With a name like Memory Loss OG, you can expect a high level of THC! Bred from two high-THC percentage strains, Amnesia Haze X Faceoff OG, this sativa-dominant cultivar is a heavy hitter so go low and slow. The flavors and aromas lean toward the Amnesia Haze parentage, presenting a fruity and bubblegum-like sweetness with spicy undertones. As the flower burns, the scents become more pungent and herbal while maintaining its sweet tartness.



About the brand :

Matter Medical Cannabis (All States – OH)
Grown to relieve. Grown to restore. Grown to matter.

Our Matter brand strives to offer effective and reliable relief to patients. Our growers and pharmaceutical specialists understand how important this is to those coping with symptoms and side effects that aren’t benefiting from other treatments. Collectively, and with a holistic approach, we do everything we can to ensure Matter is a viable option for well-being.

Matter cannabis is grown in greenhouses under a combination of both sunlight and artificial light for a full-spectrum effect; growing our plants this way is the best way to ensure they produce higher levels of the active agents that power their medicinal properties.

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