Brand: Blotter

Pop Tarts | Liquid Live Resin Cartridge | 0.5g


A hybrid strain that will sink your body into a deep relaxation while giving an uplifted and psychedelic mental clarity. This liquid live resin brings out the best of Pop Tarts’ flavors of lemon frosting and floral cherry. Perfect for relaxing the body while maintaining a functional, but altered mind-set. Blotter’s Liquid Live Resin concentrates are made from flash freezing the freshest harvested flowers straight from the field. Through a process of hydrocarbon extractions and pressure, every bit of the juiciest terps and cannabinoids are squeezed out, leaving you with the finest-tasting, hardest hitting extract on the market. You don’t wanna miss this one.”



About the brand :

New York’s first home-grown, legal cannabis concentrate brand. Inspired by underground psychedelia. Fueled by passion. Extracted, formulated, and produced with equal parts precision and vision.

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