Brand: The Botanist

The Botanist | Highwayman

HybridTHC:21.85% – 25.86%


Parents: Williams Wonder x Tang Tang

Breeder: Phillip Hague

Description: Williams Wonder was made famous as early as the mid-1980’s and reportedly originates from Afghanistan by way of Williams, Oregon. This heavy Indica pedigree meets the Sativa-dominant Tang Tang, a plant that tends to bring a lot of vigor and frost to anything it touches. Highwayman is one of our most famous in-house hybrids and has produced some of the most eye-catching and high-testing plants we have ever seen. The aroma and flavor tends to be slightly herbal and piney, with a varying amount of sweetness coming into play. A balanced effect that fits into a variety of situations makes Highwayman the go-to choice of many throughout the day.



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The Botanist

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