Riding the Wave: New York’s Historic Journey from Prohibition to Legalizing the Green

Riding the Wave: New York’s Historic Journey from Prohibition to Legalizing the Green

Yo, listen up. If you wanna understand how the herb came to be legal in the Big Apple, we gotta take you on a journey, man. From the dark ages of total prohibition to the green light for recreational use. Statis Cannabis Co., a dispensary straight outta the Boogie Down Bronx, has been a part of this wild ride, bearing witness to every move and shaking things up.

Prohibition Era: When Mary Jane was Public Enemy No. 1

Going back to the early days of the 20th century, cannabis was cast as a villain. They passed laws making it impossible to even think about opening a dispensary in New York. In 1914, they pushed the Boylan Bill, looking to control drugs that they said could get people hooked, and that included cannabis. By 1927, New York State had turned the lights off on cannabis completely, banning it outright. Setting up a dispensary in the Bronx? Forget about it.

Decriminalization Efforts: A Flicker in the Dark

Fast forward to the 70s, things started to change a bit. The state decriminalized possession of small amounts of weed in 1973, breaking away from its hard-line stance. It didn’t exactly mean you could open up a dispensary in New York, but it started to change the game.

But, here’s the reality: the law didn’t hit everyone equally. The black and brown communities got hit hardest with arrests, pushing for a fair shot at opening dispensaries across New York, including the Bronx.

The Rise of Medical Marijuana: A New Dawn

Rolling into the 21st century, the tune about cannabis started to change. People started seeing it as more than just for getting high, it had potential as a medicine too. By 2014, the Compassionate Care Act came into law, making medical marijuana a thing in New York State. It was a far cry from a full-scale Bronx dispensary, but it allowed for some tight control over dispensaries across the state.

This move was a game-changer. It signaled a shift in how we saw Mary Jane and reignited the dream of full legalization and a dispensary on every New York corner.

Recreational Use Legalization: The Green Light

After years of going hard for the cause, March 2021 saw the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) get passed, making recreational use of cannabis legal in New York. This was a major key. It meant that anyone over 21 could cop some green from a New York dispensary, including our spot in the Bronx.

But it wasn’t just a win for the weed heads. The MRTA also set up some rules to right some of the wrongs of the past. It was all about creating opportunities for the minority communities who got hit hardest by the prohibition, giving them a chance to set up their own Bronx dispensaries or spots across New York State.

Statis Cannabis Co.: A Bronx Tale

At Statis Cannabis Co., our journey to becoming a Bronx dispensary has been all about standing strong, keeping the faith, and keeping an eye on the changing laws. The MRTA allowed us to open our doors fully, serving our family with all types of cannabis products for whatever they need.

The legalization journey in New York means that Bronx dispensaries like ours can give back to the community, not just with the dollar bills, y’all, but socially too, spreading knowledge about how to use cannabis responsibly.

Looking Forward: The Future of New York Dispensaries

Today, the cannabis game in New York is popping off, thanks to the strong network of dispensaries across the state. But the hustle doesn’t stop here. Looking to the future, we see a ton of opportunities for growth and change.

Education is a big part of this. As a Bronx dispensary, it’s on us to keep spreading knowledge to our customers and the community about how to use cannabis safely. We’re also hyped about the possibility of doing more research into the healing power of cannabis and widening our product line based on what we find.

Another opportunity is in policy advocacy. Even though weed is legal in New York, we gotta keep pushing for fair practices in the industry and rules that protect consumers and small businesses.

The journey to cannabis legalization in New York shows the power of the people and the potential for change. As a Bronx dispensary, we’re proud to have been a part of this journey. Every New York dispensary is not just a spot to buy cannabis—it’s a symbol of a long-fought battle for legalization and a sign of continued growth and innovation in the cannabis industry. We’re looking forward to being a part of this growth, serving our people, and giving back to our community.

The legalization of cannabis in New York wasn’t only driven by political moves or consumer demand. Bronx dispensaries like Statis Cannabis Co. and others across New York State played a critical role in pushing for and shaping the legalization journey.

As one of the early movers in the game, our Bronx dispensary was front and center in normalizing cannabis use and breaking down the old school misconceptions. By focusing on educating consumers and promoting responsible use, we aimed to shift the public’s view on cannabis use from a negative to a more balanced and informed perspective.

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