Featured Local Cannabis Farm: Florist Farms

Featured Local Cannabis Farm: Florist Farms

Florist Farms: A Sustainable NY Cannabis Farm

Florist Farms is not just a cannabis brand; it embodies the spirit of sustainable cannabis production in New York. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that Statis Cannabis Dispensary Bronx has become a premier destination to experience Florist Farms’ exceptional products.

The Florist Farms Legacy 

Founded by Karli Miller-Hornick and Allan Gandelman, Florist Farms stands as a beacon of sustainability, organic growth, and regenerative cannabis cultivation. Their story began in upstate NY, turning their organic vegetable farm into a cannabis haven, partnering with some of the state’s most seasoned extraction specialists. Their commitment extends beyond just production — they believe in fostering community, promoting education, and ensuring every product resonates with the brand’s ethos.

Sustainability – The Heart of Florist Farms

  • Soil Health: Rich organic soil practices, with crop rotation and cover cropping.
  • Animal Welfare: Collaborative efforts with neighboring farms bring sheep to graze on Florist Farms fields.
  • Social Fairness: From paying workers a living wage to providing housing and food, Florist Farms is deeply rooted in community values.

Product Lineup at Statis 

Florist Farms’ products, available at Statis Cannabis Dispensary Bronx, range from Indica, Sativa, to Hybrid variants. Each variety caters to specific needs — whether it’s relaxation, energy, or a balanced experience.

  • Vapes: Rechargeable .75g vapes and cartridges in flavors like Pre-98 Bubba Kush, Tropical Runtz, and Blue Dream.
  • Flowers: Sun-grown treasures with potency ranging from 19% to 29% THC.
  • Gummies: Bursting with flavors, each gummy ensures a dose of 10mg THC.

CEO Karli Miller-Hornick

A New Yorker through and through, Karli is the driving force behind Florist Farms. Her expertise in cannabis branding, marketing, and packaging has propelled Florist Farms to the forefront of the NY cannabis scene.

Why Choose Florist Farms at Statis?

 When you visit Statis Cannabis Dispensary Bronx, you’re not just purchasing a product — you’re becoming part of a larger community. Statis proudly collaborates with Florist Farms, ensuring New Yorkers access to sustainable, quality, third-party tested cannabis products.

Explore the Regenerative World of Florist Farms at Statis

Visit Statis Cannabis Dispensary Bronx today and immerse yourself in the regenerative world of Florist Farms. Your journey towards sustainable cannabis starts here at Statis.

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