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  • Featured Local Cannabis Farm: FlowerHouse

    Featured Local Cannabis Farm: FlowerHouse

    Premium Cannabis, Expertly Cultivated, Now Available Statis Cannabis Dispensary in the Bronx proudly features FlowerHouse products, a testament to expert cannabis cultivation from a picturesque 40-acre property along the Wallkill river. Known for their commitment to natural processes, FlowerHouse stands out in the cannabis industry. Unmatched Quality and Care Exclusive Product Range At Statis, we…

  • Why Cannabis is Safer When Legalized

    Why Cannabis is Safer When Legalized

    The cannabis landscape has evolved rapidly, with changing perceptions and increased acceptance across many states, including New York. Amid the discussions on its health benefits, risks, and societal implications, one consistent argument stands out: the increased safety that accompanies legalized cannabis. This claim deserves a closer look, focusing on insights from establishments like Statis Cannabis…

  • Featured Local Cannabis Farm: Florist Farms

    Featured Local Cannabis Farm: Florist Farms

    Florist Farms: A Sustainable NY Cannabis Farm Florist Farms is not just a cannabis brand; it embodies the spirit of sustainable cannabis production in New York. Now, we’re thrilled to announce that Statis Cannabis Dispensary Bronx has become a premier destination to experience Florist Farms’ exceptional products. The Florist Farms Legacy  Founded by Karli Miller-Hornick…



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