Featured Local Cannabis Farm: FlowerHouse

Featured Local Cannabis Farm: FlowerHouse

Premium Cannabis, Expertly Cultivated, Now Available

Statis Cannabis Dispensary in the Bronx proudly features FlowerHouse products, a testament to expert cannabis cultivation from a picturesque 40-acre property along the Wallkill river. Known for their commitment to natural processes, FlowerHouse stands out in the cannabis industry.

Unmatched Quality and Care

  • Hand-Selected: Chosen for optimal quality.
  • Hand-Harvested: Ensuring peak potency.
  • Hand-Trimmed: For precision and purity.
  • Hand-Packaged: Protecting freshness and flavor.

Exclusive Product Range

At Statis, we bring you FlowerHouse’s lovingly crafted products, specially packaged to protect from light degradation, ensuring a farm-to-paper experience. With an array of strains and sizes, they cater to everyone from experienced users to newcomers.

Passionate Cultivation

FlowerHouse’s dedication goes beyond growing. Their extensive, specially curated genetic catalog is a testament to their commitment to year-round quality production, available at our dispensary.

Sustainable and Advanced Operations 

From seed to sale, FlowerHouse’s environment-controlled facility focuses on preserving flavor and aroma through advanced storage solutions, ensuring the highest quality available at Statis.

Featured Strains from FlowerHouse

  1. Bigfoot Glue (Sativa): Creativity-boosting with a piney scent.
  2. Grass Valley Girl OG (Hybrid-Sativa Dominant): Social and uplifting, with gas and pine flavors.
  3. Gruntz (Indica): Relaxing, with a sweet and sour candy-like taste.
  4. Mendo Breath (Indica Dominant): Sleep-inducing with sweet vanilla and caramel notes.
  5. White Cherry Gelato (Hybrid): Joyful, with herby, earthy, and sweet citrus flavors.
  6. Jealousy Kush Mintz (Hybrid): Peaceful and uplifting, featuring mint and lemon.
  7. Ice Cream Cake (Indica): Creamy, nutty flavor for relaxation.
  8. Oreoz (Indica): Euphoric, with chocolate and pepper hints.

Visit Statis for FlowerHouse Excellence 

At Statis Cannabis Dispensary, we’re excited to offer FlowerHouse’s range of premium cannabis. Each product reflects a blend of passion and expertise, promising an unparalleled experience to our customers.

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