Featured Local Cannabis Farm: MFNY – Ever Upward

Featured Local Cannabis Farm: MFNY – Ever Upward

About MFNY

New York State Certified and authentically New York, MFNY is more than a cannabis brand; it’s a representation of the Empire State’s spirit. Nestled in the Hudson Valley, just outside NYC, MFNY proudly wears the badge of being wholly owned and operated by real New Yorkers. 

Marijuana Farms New York (MFNY) is an adult-use cannabis brand and a New York State Certified Cultivator, Processor & Distributor. MFNY took on a big challenge: To represent New York’s crops and its people in the adult-use cannabis space. So their job is not only to elevate the cultivation and formulation of marijuana; but to elevate the people who make NY such an extraordinary place to be. MFNY’s ambitions for NY, its crops, and all its people can be summed up in two words: Ever Upward.

Why Choose MFNY?

  • Authentically New York: Located in the Hudson Valley, MFNY is dedicated to developing brands that represent the essence of New York.
  • Unique Farm-to-Shelf Products: From their controlled greenhouses to their on-site laboratory, MFNY offers a diverse range of THC products, from smokable flowers to edibles, vape cartridges, and more.
  • Diverse Genetics: Their extensive strain library boasts premium cannabis varieties including Girl Scout Cookies, Fire OG, and Blueberry Muffin.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: With over 110k ft² of greenhouses and a 28k ft² cutting-edge extraction facility, MFNY is geared for excellence.
  • Single Source Difference: All products are exclusively grown and produced at their farm in Hudson Valley, New York
  • Pinnacle of Quality: Award-winning cannabis products that are produced at the highest of standards in their state-of-art laboratory space, using scientific precision and years of experience, which they’ve proudly gathered together in New York’s Hudson Valley.
  • True To Plant: MFNY names products according to the strain of plant they use to create them. MFNY does NOT add artificial or natural terps or flavors in their products. MFNY stays authentic to the plant, its natural terpenes, and the legacy of the breeders who created them.
  • 4Creative Like New Yorker: MFNY has ambition to become part of NY’s cultural fabric and, over time earn the status of a true New Yorker and culture-shaping brand through our collaborations and creative campaigns.

Achievements & Compliance

MFNY are redefining the market through quality and value. Making better products available to more people. Their facilities are state-of-art and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

Regulatory compliance is in our DNA. MFNY holds the Conditional Adult-Use Cultivator License and Conditional Processing License, among others. Their state-of-the-art facilities and best-in-class team make MFNY industry leaders, and we’re keen to forge partnerships that establish New York as a premier cannabis market.

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Seeking the very essence of New York in your cannabis? Look no further than MFNY.

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