Pioneering Legal Cannabis Delivery in the Bronx

Pioneering Legal Cannabis Delivery in the Bronx

The Bronx, enriched by its unique cultural blend and globally recognized for landmarks like the iconic Yankee Stadium and a plethora of culinary delights, has recently celebrated another hallmark: the inauguration of legal cannabis delivery. Now, locals and visitors don’t even need to leave their homes to savor top-tier cannabis, all thanks to Statis Cannabis Dispensary, the premier legal dispensary in the Bronx.

Statis isn’t just your typical dispensary. We stand as a beacon of excellence, proffering an expansive range of premium cannabis products right to your front door. From the coziness of your living space, delve into our broad selection of edibles, concentrates, flowers, oils, and more. Statis pledges to only stock products from the crème de la crème of the industry, guaranteeing that you savor cannabis precisely how you like.

Products Tailored to Every Taste

Craving for a cannabis-infused treat? Our mouthwatering edibles, enriched with premium THC oils, are sure to enthrall. Vape enthusiasts aren’t left out; a myriad of vape pens in diverse styles and sizes awaits, complemented by an array of quality juices to satiate every flavor preference.

What sets Statis apart is not just our top-notch products but also our commitment to providing outstanding customer service. Our devoted team stands ready to assist, educate, and address any inquiries, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling journey from the moment you place your order until it’s delivered.

The Statis Distinction: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

The tale of legal cannabis in the Bronx mirrors New York’s forward-thinking essence. With medical marijuana greenlit in 2014 and recreational use legalized in 2021, the Bronx community got its first taste of legal recreational cannabis on December 29, 2022. Moreover, on a monumental day, July 6th, the same day as its grand opening, Statis was officially approved for its delivery license. This achievement came after a rigorous process involving the submission of a comprehensive delivery plan and thorough inspection of our two delivery trucks.

FAQs on Statis Cannabis Delivery in the Bronx

How does Statis Cannabis Delivery in the Bronx operate?

Customers can effortlessly order from our extensive online menu either via the Statis website or our official app. Simply make your selection, and we’ll promptly deliver your preferred products straight to your residence. For those keen on tracking their delivery, an update will be available on our website and app very soon. 

Which neighborhoods does Statis Cannabis Dispensary serve?

Statis is proud to extend its services across upper Manhattan and all of the Bronx, ensuring that everyone in the Bronx and its adjoining areas can enjoy our premium offerings.

What are the operational hours for Statis Cannabis Delivery?

We’re at your service seven days a week. From Monday to Saturday, you can reach us between 9 am to 10 pm, and on Sundays, we’re available from 10 am to 10 pm. Delivery Available Wednesday-Sunday 12pm-8pm.

Is there a minimum spend for delivery?

Yes, to enjoy our delivery service, customers must place an order with a minimum spend of $100.

A Bright Future Awaits

With the illustrious past of the Bronx now seamlessly merging with the bright future of legalized cannabis, Statis stands at the helm, geared up to cater to all your cannabis needs. Join us in this revolution and indulge in the unmatched convenience of Cannabis Delivery in the Bronx, brought to you exclusively by Statis Cannabis Dispensary.

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